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March 2010

The Australian Women's Weekly
KIDS' Little Party Cakes
Australia: ACP Books, 2008

Just paging through this recipe book is a real treat! 

The Australian Women's Weekly KIDS' Little Party Cakes cleverly uses small cakes or cupcakes (in most cases) to make a bigger cake.  From the easy Peacock or Catepillar cake to the more challenging, snakes and ladders or yo-yo cakes.

The great thing about this book is that most of the cakes are very easy and there are only a few cakes that may prove to be a bit more difficult.  There are tips throughout and step by step photos for basic things you may need to know. Recipes have been triple tested, so there should be no reason for you not to have a super outcome.

The book is divided into the following categories:

  1. Critters (bush buddies, cheeky frogs in a pond, caterpillar, baby bluebirds, smiley strafish, felicity fish, ladybirds, pigs in mud, octavius, pierre peacock, pinky bunny, buzzy bee)
  2. Fantasy (flower bouquet, beautiful bow, rainbow, heart cake, rainbow serpent, fairy dolls, princess belinda, glambags, magic wands, heart balloons, cute cottages, fiery dragon, butterfly cakes, fairy wings, magic garden)
  3. Littlies (flower faces, teddy bears, abc chart, milly mouse, good ship, choo choo train, fishbowl fun, tea party, taffy turtle, tumbledown humpty, flower jigsaw, blocks, paint pots, sunny umbrella, ice-cream cones, sandcastle, ferris wheel)
  4. Games (balls, yo-yos, dominoes, musical notes, snakes & ladders, number chart, checkerboard, hopscotch, noughts & crosses)
  5. Numbers (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine)
  6. Wacky (solar system, pharaoh's pyramid, snow folk, funny faces, crazy clowns, kaleidoscopes, juggling jamie)
Photos of the cakes are bright and colourful and give a realistic idea of what to expect and how to achieve it. Recipes use packet buttercake mix, however if you prefer not to use packet mix, then recipes at the back of the book provide chocolate, carrot and Gluten-free alternatives. 
Happy baking! 
Resident Bookworm

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