Thursday, September 30, 2010

October Book Review

Cupcakes & Fairy Cakes - Australian Women's Weekly New softcover cookbook
by The Australian Women's Weekly

Brand new large-format softcover book, 120 pages, gorgeous, mouthwatering colour photos and step-by-step instructions

Cupcakes are wonderful for afternoon tea, of course, but these splendid and original little cakes should be given a much bigger role than that. Serve them as a special dessert at a chic dinner party (a different cupcake for each guest) or make a loved one (adult or child) a cupcake as a birthday cake. While the cupcakes in this book look like little works of art, the instructions on making them are clear and undaunting.

Includes cupcakes for every occasion - children's and grown-up party cakes, wedding cupcakes, Easter, Christmas and other special events.

Equipment list, techniques including working with chocolate, toffee and fondant, piping techniques, colouring sugar, drying and shaping fruit, dusting-on designs, sugar-frosting fruit and more
Cupcakes and Fairy Cakes is an Australian publication. All measurements are metric and metric cup & spoon.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Women's weekly easy cupcakes by colour

The inside cover reads:

Pink, white, yellow blue, green or chocolate –
choose the colour that suits your taste, your theme
or your china – and then charm and delight your
friends with these divine little cakes. They are
 quirky and witty and incredibly simple. Make
them for a birthday party or arrange them in
tiers for a stunning wedding cake.

The cupcakes in this book certainly are quirky
and witty and some of the ideas are so simple
you are left wondering why you hadn’t thought
of the ideas yourself! The presentation and photos
 are beautifully displayed throughout this book,
whether in jars, in boxes, in frames, all the
cupcake look stunning!

The book is divided into the various colours,
detailing decorations, cake & frosting recipes as
well as the simple decorations listed on pg 108
that that will transform your frosted cupcake into
a showstopper, from Chocolates and sweets to
rose petals and sugared violets, so simple yet
so affective!

But best of all it is a lovely book to keep on
you shelf, as whatever the occasion you will
find something colour coded to your needs.


Easy Cupcakes by Colour by the Australian Women's
Weekly is a 120 page soft cover baking book for
beginners. Divided into 'colours'; pink, white, yellow,
blue/green & chocolate, it offers simple decorating
techniques many using commercial lollies and sprinkles.

In the back of back you'll find 16 cupcake recipes from
sponge cakes to fruit cakes, including four gluten free
recipes. There is 10 icing/frosting choices, amongst the
ganache and lemon glaze is this unusual one they call
'fluffy mock cream' which is quite white in colour and
colours more easily than standard butter cream frosting.

                                                                                     Happy baking!

                                                                                    *SHELLY SHINDIG*

                                                                                    Resident Bookworm

Monday, May 24, 2010

May 2010

The Australian Women's Weekly
Allergy-Free Baking
Australia: ACP Books, 2001

Missing out at parties due to allergies is no fun!

This book is great value and has over 60 pages of information and recipes for cakes, biscuits, puddings, muffins and more.  Each recipe describes the allergy that is being catered for i.e.Gluten free, yeast free, wheat free etc… – so you can easily see if the recipe is suitable or not.

All the recipes are in typical Australian Women's Weekly style, beautifully presented and photographed. The only way you would know that these items are allergy free, is by reading the cover. With more and more high quality food substitutes available today, you are also not going to be compromising on taste!
Happy baking! 
Resident Bookworm

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